Our kojiban is made from American White Cedar, measure 56cm x 23cm x 6cm, and are engraved with Koji lettering. These trays are based on traditional kojiban and are perfect for incubation and can be stacked. Custom sizes and custom engraving are available.




As a full-service cooperage, we’re more than just barrels. Our products are not only used to age wine and spirits; we also provide large tanks for fermentation. For many who want to traditionally ferment food and not spirits, choices are limited to small glass or plastic containers. We took our large tank design and combined it with traditional Japanese fermenting tanks to create The Kioke.

Our 2- and 5-gallon Solid Fir open top tanks are perfect for small batch fermenting. Fermentation relies on a healthy environment where microbes can thrive, and enzymes and yeasts can work in symbiosis. Kioke are the ideal vessels for this because the wood itself is host to millions of beneficial microbes. We believe that our tank is more than just a tool, but also an essential ingredient in traditional fermenting.

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This fermentation tank is perfect for brewers and distillers who want natural wood fermentation. Made with either Douglass Fir or Cypress and available in various sizes (800-gallon tank pictured.) Includes 2 inch S.S. drain and tri-clamp.

For ordering information, please contact john@qcooperage.com.