Muro with doors open

Muro Cabinet


Kioke – 2 gallon


Kioke – half gallon


Inspired by traditional Japanese coopers, this two gallon wooden cask is perfect for fermenting and pickling such as Tsukemono, Sake, Kimchee, Kumbucha, Sauerkraut, Vinegars and Pickles. Our tanks are made to replace the plastic and glass tanks that are used today, and are available in custom sizes.

Our half gallon Solid Fir open top tanks are perfect for small batch fermenting. Fermentation relies on a healthy environment where microbes can thrive, and enzymes and yeasts can work in symbiosis. Kioke are the ideal vessels for this because the wood itself is host to millions of beneficial microbes. We believe that our tank is more than just a tool, but also an essential ingredient in traditional fermenting.Lid sold separately ($45).


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