Quercus Cooperage is proud to introduce The Muro.

Made from White Cedar this cabinet stands at 24”x24”x11”. It comes complete with two cedar kojiban, each with 1kg capacity. Mechanicals includes a ceramic heater, ultrasonic humidifier, and Inkbird temperature and humidity regulator.

The Muro allows one to inoculate substrates in an efficient, accurate, and compact manner while maintaining an even temperature during the inoculation process, which is critical to the success of the Koji. The cedar housing insulates temperature and humidity well, creating the perfect growth of mycelium.

The Muro can also be built to custom specifications to allow for more production. Price is $675 + shipping.

Muro Cabinet with doors closed
Muro Cabinet with doors closed
Muro with doors open
The Muro by Quercus Cooperage
Detail of Muro
detail shot of The Muro by Quercus Cooperage
View of Muro with doors closed
Front doors of Muro by Quercus Cooperage

THE MURO CABINET by Quercus Cooperage.

For more information email john@qcooperage.com

IG photos courtesy of The Institute Of Culinary Education https://www.ice.edu/

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